Why I came back to Pinterest

I hated Pinterest. I mean, hate with a capital H.

When Pinterest first made its appearance on the social media scene, I wanted to like it. I loved the idea of the general sharing of images. My mind wandered to that old phrase that “a picture was worth a thousand words.”

The scandal

Then, the scandal happened. I read blog post after blog post about how Pinterest crossed the copyright infringement line. As a former journalist, this bothered me more than you could know. Copyright infringement laws are no joke and I learned through my journalistic years that it could cost you plenty.

Perhaps in haste, I deleted my Pinterest account. You can read more about my reasons here.

Yeah, I deleted

I deleted my account. Then, about two weeks later, I attended and spoke at She Streams and my thoughts about Pinterest changed as I listened and heard the attendees’ uses of the network. There were people using it for the greater good. There were people using it to promote their businesses. There were people overcoming the problems I had once seen with the network.

At the same time, Pinterest came through and addressed the alleged copyright issues with its system. I read blog post after blog post on this as well. I was also impressed at how many of my Twitter followers chimed in to tell me that I had made mistake by deleting my Pinterest account and how they were using it to further their respective businesses.

Why I came back

I didn’t make the decision right away. I read the posts that my Twitter followers suggested I read. I did my own research. Sometimes, it’s difficult to admit you are wrong but eventually I came to that decision. I was wrong.

Still, there was only one way to come back. I needed a strategy. I didn’t just need a strategy for me personally, but for something else. I called up Jim and told him that I was retracting my earlier statements about Pinterest and with him owning a company called ColorMetrix, we would be making a big mistake by not joining Pinterest. It was about color and prints and … you get the picture.

So I re-instated my personal account with a strategy: Things I do and things I’m interested in. For ColorMetrix, I created boards relevant to what the company does.

The response has been positive for both accounts.

I was wrong about Pinterest. It actually is a valuable network that’s here to stay. I’m back in it and willingly giving it a second go.

Have you ever given up on something and given it another chance?


Great insight (as always) Shelby!  How did you come to terms with the copyright issues - are you only pinning your own photos, now?  

Mel B
Mel B

I was wondering the best way to rib you about returning to Pinterest, but now you've addressed it so I don't have to.