Can we talk about the weather some more in social media? Please?

Image of Pop Song

Have you heard of the polar vortex? Do you know what the acronyms POTUS and SCOTUS mean? Did you follow along with the #SOTU hashtag earlier this week? How many of your friends checked in at a gym and later posted exactly how many pushups, squats and/or swimming laps they completed this week? Have you…
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Do you get too personal on social media?

Image of Bad CheckIn

How personal do you get on social media? Do you share your everyday whereabouts on a geolocation app? Do you post status updates about your professional or personal problems? Do you debate controversial issues such as religion or politics? Tonight on #shehechat at 8 p.m. CST over on Twitter, we’ll be discussing how personal social media…
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What do social media friendships look like?

social media friendships

How do you define a friend? How many of the people you meet on social media have turned into friends you’ve met face-to-face? Tonight on #shehechat at 8 p.m. CST over on Twitter, we’ll be discussing social media friendships, how to recognize them and how to maintain them. Tonight’s Topics Which social media network or networks…
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Watch the big game on social media instead of TV

Image of Hashtag

Happy New Year to the #shehechat community! We’ve taken some time off to enjoy the holidays with our friends and families and hope you’ve all been able to do the same. Tonight, we resume #shehechat at 8 p.m. CST on Twitter. We’ll be discussing how best to “watch” sporting events or television shows on social media instead…
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Is it a social media hoax or not?

Image of Python Eats Man

We’ve all been duped by a hoax in social media before. Sometimes it’s a spectacular image that turned out to be altered. Sometimes it’s a touching human interest story that turned out to be fiction. Tonight on #shehechat, we talk about some of the more recent social media hoaxes and how or when to respond…
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How do you re-brand a brand online?

Image of ColorMetrix Logos

Last week, we postponed #shehechat because we were invited to attend a 30th anniversary party for a colleague and client on Thursday evening. During the party, it was announced that the company was changing its name, its brand and its image. As we watched them update their social media accounts with a new name, new logo…
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Why does social media have to be so scary?

Image of Scared of Social Media

It’s Halloween so we knew we had to talk about something scary if we were going to host #shehechat tonight. While we know our community loves social media, we also know they have a certain amount of fear about it too. There are also people out there who avoid social media altogether out of fear. This…
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